Ryan Burns Trio "Live at The Lab" CD Review
For those who appreciate creative music that has one foot firmly rooted in tradition while the other steps forward, buy this album out of sheer principle. [Read More...]
Ryan Burns, Geoff Cooke, Jose Martinez "Tree-O" Review
...Evident is the trio's chemistry. Burns, bassist Geoff Cooke and drummer Jose Martinez have played together for a decade, and their sympatico shows, with a much more interactive and modern approach than what's on Red Garlard's '50s trio outings. [Read More...]
Jazz Times Review: Thomas Marriott Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson
Taylor’s soprano brays amid the rasping densities created by Ryan Burns’ Moog or Fender Rhodes. [Read More...]
Jazz Times Review: Matt Jorgensen + 451 Another Morning
Mark Taylor plays mostly a sweet-toned alto, with a lyrical, unhurried and restrained improvisational approach. Keyboardist Ryan Burns has a similarly controlled style on organ, Moog and Fender Rhodes, the latter played with a gorgeous chimelike tone. [Read More...]
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