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Live at the Lab
Ryan Burns Trio
Album Cover
Released: Jan 21, 2008
Label: Odd Bird Records
Track Listing
1 All of You
2 Lonely Woman
3 Beautiful Love
4 The Lady in the Lake
5 Footprints
6 Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Liner Notes

Ryan Burns Trio


Live at The L.A.B.


All of You (Cole Porter)

Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman)

Beautiful Love (Young, King, Van Alstyne, Gillespie)

The Lady in the Lake (Peter Erskine)

Footprints (Wayne Shorter)

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Joe Zawinul)


Recorded October 22, 2007 Live at Seattle Drum School L.A.B., Seattle, WA USA



Ryan Burns, piano

Jeff Johnson, bass

Tad Britton, drums


Produced by Ryan Burns


Recording Engineers: Michael Noonan, Steve Smith

Assistant Engineer: Nemanja Bujisic

Live Sound: Jeff Tomlinson

Mixing: Drew Locke

Mastering: Drew Locke

Supervision: Spike Godchilde


Artwork/Graphic Design: Tina Routt

Cover Painting: Wes Wozniak

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