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London Bridge Live
Ryan Burns Quartet
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Released: Feb 1, 2012
Label: Odd Bird Records
Track Listing
1 India
2 Birds
3 Maia
4 Saint Stephen
5 We See
6 Entomology
7 Strange Meeting
8 Ibrahymn

Liner Notes


Ryan Burns Trio with Mark Taylor

London Bridge Live

Mark Taylor, alto saxophone

Ryan Burns, piano (tracks 3-6, 8); fender rhodes (tracks 1, 2, 7)

Geoff Cooke, upright bass

Matt Jorgensen, drums


1.     India (Coltrane) 10:05 JOWCOL MUSIC LLC

2.     Birds (Burns) 8:16 RyBu Music (ASCAP)

3.     Maia (Taylor) 6:32 Seiji Songs (ASCAP)

4.     Saint Stephen (Cooke) 8:29 Cooke Music

5.     We See (Monk) 6:20 Thelonious Music (BMI)

6.     Entomology (Burns) 7:47 RyBu Music (ASCAP)

7.     Strange Meeting (Frisell) 8:42 Friz-Tone Music

8.     Ibrahymn (Burns) 6:58 RyBu Music (ASCAP)


Recorded January 27, 2011 at London Bridge Studios

Recording, David Miner

Mixing, David Miner

Mastering, Drew Locke

Artwork, Tina Routt

Produced by Ryan Burns

Special Thanks to Jazz Now! Seattle’s Jason Parker and David Marriott Jr

Thanks also to all of our backers who made finishing this project possible.

Copyright 2012